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Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions! If theres any more questions that you want some answers to , call us at (718) 786-5900.

Got More Questions?

What's your cancelation policy?

Cancelations fee are up to the 75% of total booking but to 24hrs prior to session. Unless there are extreme situations, Cancelations within 24hr will NOT be refunded.


Whats your COVID Policy?

Otter House Studios is committed to creating a safe learning environment for its students, parents, and faculty. In response to the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19, we have developed rigorous social-distancing and cleaning protocols. These include:


To keep people separate and safe from each other:

  • The Studio’s entrance and exit will be one-way.

  • Employees and Patrons will all wear masks.

  • Everyone will have their temperatures checked before entering the building.

  • Anyone with a temperature of more than 100.3ºF will not be permitted to enter.


To keep materials and surfaces clean and safe to use:

  • Everyone will be asked to hand sanitize before entering classrooms and offices.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

  • Keyboards and other instruments will be disinfected between users.

  • High-touch surfaces in public areas will be cleaned daily using CDC-approved disinfectants.

  • Rehearsal Rooms , Offices , and common spaces will be disinfected weekly using Lysol Spray


What's the studios backline?

(Gear is subject to unavailability due to rentals or in use in another room. If you want a specific piece of gear for your rehearsal , let us know ahead of time during your booking)


  • Line 6 Spider III Head

  • Crate GT1200H Head

  • Marshall Valvestate 100V Head

  • Marshall Valvestate 2000 Head

  • Marshall MG100HDFX Head

  • Marshall G100R Head

  • Marshall Jubilee 25-50 Head

  • Blackstar HTClub 50 Head

  • Orange Crush Pro 120

  • Hartke HA3500 Bass Head

  • Mark Bass Little Mark 250 Bass Head

  • Ampeg PF350 Bass Head

  • Fender FM 212R Guitar Combo

  • Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amp

  • Crate KX160 Amplifier



  • 4x12: Mesa , Avatar , Madison , B-52 , Line 6 , Marshall , Jet City

  • 2x12: Avatar

  • 8x10: Ampeg SVT810 Bass Cab

  • 4x10: Ampeg PD410HLF Bass Cab


  • PDP


Do you guys rent out gear?

Yes we do! Use the form in the Contact tab to inquire about gear rentals and estimates! 


Are there any other services that you offer?

Yes we do! We have engineers that are fully equipped to help events get set up with sound equipment, We have guitar teachers , DJ's , mixing and mastering services and more! To inquire about pricing or questions about said services , use our contact tab to get into contact with us or call us at (718) 786-5900


Are you on social media?

Yes we are! Feel free to contact us on any of the platforms below to find out how to get featured on our next post!


Anything else we should know?

We do have a lovely cat named Buster! Who is our lovely mascot. He's super friendly and does our payroll!

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